Q: my goodness とはどういう意味ですか?
A: figure of speech no literal meaning. means your surprised or disgusted.
would go something like this
S1. Did you hear tony was attacked my a tiger that escaped from the zoo?
S2 MY GOODNESS(voise stressed and raised) how did that happen?

S1. Did you hear a reality tv star is now the president of the United States?
S2. ughhh yeah my goodness (drawn out and disgusted) we are all so doomed.........

only thing i know of that might be close in chinese is 天啊. but i very unsure about that.
Q: Oh, my goodness
A: Oh my goodness can also be known as OMG. It means wow! It can be used positively and negatively. Hopefully this helped.. Good luck!
Q: "Oh my goodness!" とはどういう意味ですか?
A: It is an expression of surprise.
Q: Oh my goodness とはどういう意味ですか?
A: Its an expression to mean that you're shocked
Q: out of the goodness of your heart とはどういう意味ですか?
A: You did something because you're a nice person/there's good in you.


Q: oh my goodness を使った例文を教えて下さい。
A: haha, well.. it's something that you would expect an older woman (late 50s+) to say. It's not something you will ever hear the youth say unless it's sarcastic.

* The phrase is a polite way to exclaim in public when something bad happens.

場合:Older gentleman falls over while passing an older woman.
Oh my goodness, are you all right??

* Often times, the "Oh" is not used. "My goodness" has various other uses.

My goodness, children these days...
(Said by older woman, disappointed by the younger generation.)

My goodness, where are my manners! Please, come in!
(Said by older woman, who forgot to invite her guests into the house.)
Q: oh my goodness を使った例文を教えて下さい。
A: Whaaat? It’s just an ordinary Krabby - - - OH MY GOODNESS, SQUIDWARDDDDDDD
Q: Oh my goodness を使った例文を教えて下さい。
A: - (someone fell down)
Oh my goodness, are you all right?!
- (you accidentally spilled water on someone)
Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry!
- (you are frustrated with your homework)
Oh my goodness, I don't get this at all!!

"Oh my goodness" is really polite, but might sound a little too polite or boring. However, I use it often. Most people use harsher terms, though (like curse words).
Q: for goodness sake を使った例文を教えて下さい。
A: It is an expression of exasperation. (Similar to 아이고)
But used when you are annoyed.
"For goodness sake could you please clean your dishes!"
"Why is there so many problems in the world for goodness sake!"


Q: Thank goodness for you. と Thank goodness to you. はどう違いますか?

"Thank you for the goodness" is not grammatically correct. You would say "Thank you for your kindness" instead.

As for "Thank goodness for you", you would use this phrase when you're thankful that someone helped you. You can think of it as "If it weren't for you, I would be in a lot of trouble."
Q: goodness と kindness はどう違いますか?
A: Yes they're very similar when talking about the same things but you could also use goodness as an exclamation of surprise
My goodness!
He donated his old clothes out of the goodness of his heart.
He donated his old clothes as an act of kindness.
Q: my goodness と my God はどう違いますか?
A: My goodness is less controversial. Some people get offended by the usage of God's name in vain, so there is no difference in grammar. It is more a difference in preference. You can also determine the usage of it depending on who you are with if they would get offended, don't say God.
Q: thank goodness と thank god はどう違いますか?
A: They both mean the same thing. But some people might get offended if you use "oh my god".
Q: Oh my goodness と Oh my Gosh と Oh my god はどう違いますか?
A: They all mean the same thing, but 'Oh my gosh' and 'Oh my goodness' are more formal than 'Oh my god'.


Q: Oh my goodness は 英語 (アメリカ) で何と言いますか?
A: QAの全文をご確認ください
Q: goodness は 英語 (アメリカ) で何と言いますか?
Q: my goodness は 英語 (アメリカ) で何と言いますか?
A: My goodness.
Q: the goodness and the wickedness or badness ? what I should use the word between wickedness &badness? は 英語 (アメリカ) で何と言いますか?
A: @peaep3 use goodness and wickedness.......don't use badness
Q: Oh my goodness!surprised! は 英語 (アメリカ) で何と言いますか?
A: You could say that, or "Oh my goodness! I'm so surprised!" :)


Q: Oh, my goodness. Your glasses is almost empty. 
Would you like another one?
A: Just a little adjustment:
Oh, my goodness. Your glass is almost empty. 
Would you like another one?
Glasses are eye glasses or spectacles 👓 😊
Q: Oh my goodness, help me !

When writing down your name in the eateren countries, the surname is followed by the given name. Like, the surname comes first, the given name comes.

My writing is odd?
A: When writing down your name in the Eastern countries, the surname is followed by the given name. The surname comes first, the given name comes second.

In the USA we say it’s the Last name (surname) and First name (given name).
Q: How are you?
Thank goodness, well

Is it correct?
A: 'Thank goodness' is used to say you're relieved about something.
For example, you pass a test you were worried about, so you say 'thank goodness'.
For another example, your friend who was sick gets better, so you say 'thank goodness' then, also.
Q: What does "goodness" in 97 mean?
A: It's a reference to cookies and other desserts. People who like cookies, cake, and pastries will sometimes eat a cookie and say, "Mmm, chocolately goodness" or "Yum, oatmealy goodness." Sheldon is saying that adding more "Sheldon" qualities to the idea made it better.
Q: What does "goodness knows" in 423 mean?
A: Same as God knows or who knows. It means nobody knows.