• 「Magnify」を含む文の意味

    1. 文の意味
    2. In this sense, it may mean that you feel the misfortune increased exponentially (increased a LOT). It may also mean, 'when you start to look very closely at your misfortune'. Strangely, depending on the context, it can mean both. Can you share the next sentence in the video?

    1. 文の意味
    2. To magnify is to make larger In this case it probably means that you focus your attention on the bad things that happen to you and make them bigger in your head

  • 「Magnify」の類語とその違い

    1. 類語
    2. exaggerate は、”大げさに言う,誇張する”意味の英単語です。 釣った魚のサイズを実際よりも大きく言ったり、尾ひれをつけて話を盛ったり、怪我の度合いを大げさに言ったり、危険性、重要性などを過度に強調したり・・・などなど、物事の程度を実際よりも大げさに表現します。 語源はラテン語で、”ex(外へ)”,”aggerare(heap up 積み上げる)”。 例文 You're exaggerating. 「大げさだよ。」 「そんなオーバーな。」「話を盛ってるでしょ。」みたいなときのフレーズです。 Jack always exaggerate the size of the fish he caught. 「ジャックはいつも釣った魚の大きさを誇張して話す。」

    1. 類語
    2. Reinforceとは、保つようにする、壊れないようにする、固める、増強するという意味です。壁に対して使われることが多いです。 例文:reinforce the wall. Magnifyとは画像を拡大する、問題を悪くするという意味です。画像やビデオなどに使われることが多いです 例文:Could you magnify this picture for me?

    1. 類語
    2. "She exaggerated the amount of homework she had to get out of going to the party." (She lied about having a lot of homework to get out of going to the party.) "Exaggerate" can mean "to make a big deal out of something that is not actually a big deal". "She boasted about her good grades." To boast is to brag! "She magnified her problems at work by speaking out aggressively." (She made her problems worse.) "Magnify" is when you make something a bigger issue.

  • 「Magnify」を翻訳

    1. 翻訳
    2. They just make no sense here. Magnify means to increase in size visually. Testify might seem closer because it means to give evidence of something but it also makes no sense. It’s generally only used to talk about giving official evidence especially in a court of law. The sentence is about making a reservation and a restaurant would want you to ‘specify’ (state clearly, exactly) the number of guests in a reservation. So that’s the only answer that makes sense.

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