Q: mediation と arbitration はどう違いますか?
A: Mediation is usually informal, like a negotiation. The mediator is a third party, who helps two disputing sides find a solution to their problem. The mediator is neutral (doesn't take either parties side, remains fair) making sure everyone is agreement with the solution

Arbitration is like a court process because the opposing sides give testimony, like in a trial but it is usually less formal
Q: mediation と arbitration はどう違いますか?
A: A mediator has no power and is there to help the people come to a conclusion. An arbitrator has the power to decide the dispute.


Q: Hello, I just did a mediation task and I need to write an informal email.
I have written this sentence:

"I have just read an interesting article about how dangerous the situation in Germany is assessed by politicians"

It doesn't sound like proper English to me, but somehow I don't know how to express it better. I'm confused. Can someone help me and correct my sentence?
A: I have just read an article about how dangerous the situation is in Germany as assessed by politicians.