• 「Problematic」を含む文の意味

    1. 文の意味
    2. It means, it is hard to understand or not easy to fix.

  • 「Problematic」の使い方・例文

    1. 使い方・例文
    2. he/she is very problematic the high tax price is problematic for poorer people

  • 「Problematic」の類語とその違い

    1. 類語
    2. “Problematic” describes something that is a bit difficult to understand or get through. While “questionable” suggests that the intent of the action is under suspicion. “Suspicious” is very close to “questionable” in nature, But almost always means there is suspicion behind the intent. “Doubtful” is more of a way to say you are unsure of something and have feelings it won’t work out. Some sample sentences.. The nature of your question is very problematic to me. It feels like there is a lot I have to go through to understand it. I think your intentions are questionable I’m not sure about them. Your actions feel very suspicious, should I be worried? I’m doubtful that this will work out at all. What do you think?

    1. 類語
    2. They have quite different meanings. "Problematic" : describes something that creates a lot of problems, issues, or difficulties. Example: "The meeting schedule you created for us is problematic because it conflicts with many of our work schedules." "Unconvincing" : describes a statement which is lacking evidence and therefore is difficult to believe as true or correct. Example: "Her argument is unconvincing; she needs to provide more evidence before I can accept her claim."