Q: reword と rephrase と paraphrase はどう違いますか?
A: Reword means to change the words within a phrase or sentence. Often specific words.
“You should reword that sentence, it is incorrect.”
Rephrase is very similar, but instead of specific words it often refers to the whole sentence. It means to say the same phrase but differently, often for clarification.
“Can you rephrase that please, I don’t understand.”
To paraphrase is to repeat a sentence or conversation when you can’t remember exactly what was said or when you want to repeat it in a shorter or simpler way.
“To paraphrase what he said, the answer is no.”
Q: #1 reword と #2 rephrase はどう違いますか?
A: I think there's no difference on them because rephrase is the synonym of reword. They have the same meaning.


Q: “How could reword this? は 英語 (アメリカ) で何と言いますか?
A: can you help me reword this ? “The c() function allows the creation of a vector. Input is separated by a comma or colon.
The seq() function allows the creation of a vector containing numbers. Input requires the start, end, and step of a set.
The str() function displays the structure of a called object.
The length() function displays the length of an object
The max() and min() functions display the largest and smallest values in an object respectively.
The mean() function displays the average value of numbers within an object.”


Q: how would you reword this sentence?

"you got me, tie me down"
A: Yes, that’s definitely a possibility!
Q: You can also reword 해요 with 하세요 to make it sound more polite. この表現は自然ですか?
A: "You can also reword 해요 to 하세요 to make it sound more polite"
Q: Could you reword this English sentence/ make this easier?

videotape of a white policeman beating a black man had gone viral. When the policeman involved was found innocent, violence erupted through the city.
A: it's a judicial judgement of innocence.
Not guilty.

The policeman received a judgement of "Not guilty".

Q: Could you make this English easier/simpler? Could you reword this?

Furthermore, the high number of train accidents in England with fatalities in recent years, has led to serious questioning of the training of the personnel responsible for maintenance on the tracks, the trains, and the equipment, as well as for the qualification of the conductors.
A: People are questioning the training of conductors and the people who maintain the tracks, train, and equipment because of the high number of train accidents and deaths in recent years.
Q: reword
in other words

Are both the same thing?
A: They are a little different. "reword" is normally used to ask someone to clarify something. "In other words" is simply a way of explaining something differently or more simply.