Q: 'surfing' とはどういう意味ですか?
A: It’s a water sport in America! This is a picture of it in case it looks familiar :)


Q: Could you correct this??

Surfing training camp Day 1 @ Hawaii
Today I did the surfing training at the Cliffs and the lighthouse under the Diamond Head.
I had the paddle for getting to there.
Maybe about 200m.
Wave conditions ,wave power ,wave shape were so good.
But my body might be covered with blood by reef if I would wipe out.

And It was difficult for me to focus on surfing due to the petty bikini girls with blond hair.

But I was back okey!!
A: - the surf training at the Cliffs
- I had to paddle to get there
- For about/approximately 200m
- The wave conditions, wave power and the wave shapes we're all so good.
- But if I wipe out my body could've been covered in blood because of the reef (underneath me).
- with blonde hair (blond = for a guy, blonde = for a girl)
- But I came back okay.
Q: Surfing は動詞ですか?名詞ですか?

Is "surfing" verb or noun? How do you use it in a sentence?
A: example 'I enjoy surfing on the weekends' also it is a noun