Q: tabacco shop とはどういう意味ですか?
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Q: tabacco と cigarette はどう違いますか?
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Q: tabacco と cigarette はどう違いますか?
A: Tobacco is made from a plant that goes inside the cigarette.
Q: tabacco と cigarette はどう違いますか?
A: Tobacco refers to the plant or to its dried leaves. (Sometimes the word is used to mean any form of tobacco product.) There are many types of tobacco (dried leaves) sold in stores including chewing tobacco, pipe tobacco, and rolling tobacco.
Cigarettes are made with rolling tobacco by wrapping it in paper. Most people in the USA buy their cigarettes already rolled.
Cigars use sheets of dried tobacco rolled up without paper.
Pipe tobacco usually comes with flavors added, and it is meant to be smoked in a pipe.
There are many many other types...


Q: if I want to say that I gave up "tabacco" or " cigarette" which one will be better?
A: I quit smoking, I gave up smoking (altogether), and "I quit smoking cigarettes" means that you don't smoke cigarettes anymore, but you still smoke something (cigars?)
Q: The tabacco companies should advertise more efficient way to notify publics that tabacco is harmful to heath.

youngsters start smoking because of curiosity .
They need to be educated sufficiently about the harmful effects of smoking .

but The main problem is that tabacco is still legal . smoking is fatal to non-smokers and somokers therefore The goverment should prohibit smoking by law .

A: "Advertise a more efficient way to notify the public about how tobacco is harmful towards health.
Or to our health."