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    2. I agree with the idea that Japan should protect its historical sites, because it will have educational and economical benefits. I have a few reasons for it. First of all, foreign visitors come Japan to see historical and cultural related things (a little better than stuff i think) such as castles or old temples, because those things are unique to them. It can attract people from all over the world. And the visitors end up spending money in Japan, which allow us to get money to fix damage parts or keep them in a good shape. Next, historical sites ARE important resources WHEN IT COMES TO educatING people. Seeing historical sites and things enable people to understand the history more deeply and imagine ancestor's life. In the end, you can become more knowledgeable about the origin of our culture. We should not lose the origin of our identity. Therefore, needless to say, it costs a lot to protect the old parts of Japan, but I believe it is worth spending money. Protecting historical sites have benefits to attract visitors from all over the world and tell people about japanese history. Your grammar is pretty good!