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Lvl. 38

Native language Quality Point(s)

Danish Fluent
4471 Pts
Top 0.08%
English (US) Near fluent
195 Pts
Top 7.41%
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Native languages

  • Danish Fluent
  • English (US) Near fluent

Languages of interest

  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • German

Country or region they know well


Countries and regions of interest

  • Japan
  • Korea, Republic Of
  • New Zealand
  • Norway


I’m Kris, born and raised in Denmark.
I am currently a university student, studying business economics, the English language, and intercultural communication.

Norway is a country that I would love to learn more about, as I have some Norwegian family.

New Zealand is a country that has time after time again impressed me, and has intrigued me to want to visit one day. So I would love to learn more about the country before doing so.

I studied Japanese in Highschool for three years, which has also intrigued me to want to know more about the country.