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On Aug. 4th, 2021, I came across the hopeless psycho AGAIN who enjoys mocking Koreans, Korean language learners and those who’re interested in Korean culture over and over again on Hi Native. They're pretending to be a native Korean speaker although they are definitely not a Korean. What pissed me off is that they’re using actually MY username. But as they keep changing their username and profile, their current nickname would be different now. I reported this insane user to HN several times, but HN did not care at all, and the psycho is still mocking Koreans and Korean language learners due to HN's irresponsible behavior! I hope none of the HN users will be badly affected by the psycho.

These are the psycho’s HN page(s). (They have more than two accounts.)

** + The psycho deactivated the above two accounts on Aug. 6th, 2021 and created more than two accounts again on Aug.13. They're still doing shitty things pretending to be a Korean . The below page is one of their current several accounts.**

If you want to know more details, please read the below post. (posted on Aug.5th, 2021)
(* On Aug.17, I found out that this post was forcibly deleted by HN, they did not inform me anything in advance!! I'm terribly disappointed at HN. I noticed that HN never actually tries to deal with those psychos and trolls who cause a lot of trouble/problems on HN!)

국적 사기범, 의도적으로 논란 일으키는 또라이 관종, 변태, 답변 받고 삭제하는 비매너 무개념, 기본 예의 상실, 4가지에 밥 말아드신 분, 일본 넷우익, 할 일 없이 시비 터는 인간, 여러 계정으로 장난치는 또라이 등, 다 차단함.

하이 네이티브는 멀쩡한 글 멋대로 지울 시간에, 사기치고 다니며 많은 유저들에게 심각한 불쾌감을 일으키고 막대한 피해를 끼치는 가짜 원어민과 여러 나라 방에서 쓰레기짓 하고 다니는 트롤, 일본 극우 단속이나 제대로 하세요! 많은 사람이 신고해도 싸이코는 놔두고 신고자 글은 삭제하고 ㅈㄹ? 아무 것도 안 할 거면 신고기능은 왜 만들었고, 신고하라는 피드백은 왜 함? 여러 언어교환 앱 써 봤지만, 관리자가 이렇게 쓰레기 같이 대처하는 곳은 처음 봅니다! 제대로 운영할 능력이 없으면 시스템이라도 잘 만들어 놓던가!