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Started learning Japanese in grade 5 when I was 9 years old just because I liked the sound of it.

Before that, I did try to learn Norwegian because of a show, and after, I wanted to learn Vietnamese also because it sounded cool, but both ended up not sticking with me, and I continued with Japanese for many years.

But, sadly, as I know no one who speaks it, I did not retain much information, especially now. It's a bit embarrassing how many years I've spent learning Japanese but I'm not close to being as good as I should be. I was always too young to be comfortable with finding people online to talk to [in Japanese] too, but now I am considering getting a teacher.

I've also been slightly learning Korean, as I enjoy Korean musicians like BTS, Lim Kim, Yaeji, IU, and many others. It's moreso because as I'm very surrounded by this language, I have been taking it in a lot, and I have been kind of dabbling in it every once and awhile. I think I understand the characters and it's pronunciations pretty good currently, and a slight jumble of vocabulary. I recently just learnt there's gendered variants for the act of marrying someone.

I have an interest in languages and linguistics, but I don't exactly show that here. I just like coming on sometimes to help other people or something, but rarely I might ask a question :]