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  • Korean Fluent

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  • English (US)
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Korea, Republic Of

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  • United States
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Please rate my 🗣pronunciation without considering that I am not a native speaker.

​ I usually say “It is often translated as…”, not “It is…” or “It means…” when I teach languages. This is because I believe that there’s no perfect translation between languages. The dictionary just shows how a word is ‘often’ translated.

I’m not an active Japanese-Chinese learner.😪 I just know a few expressions by some chance, and sometimes, I just wonder🧐how to say something in Japanese or Chinese. That’s why it says I’m a Japanese/Chinese learner in my profile.

I found two types of people who respond to what I said or wrote:
1) Who repeat what I said literally (without corrections even if it is not grammatical or natural)
2)Who repeat while correcting some words so it sounds natural.

While I’m thankful for anyone who gives me corrections, I really appreciate the 2nd group of people because they help my language learning a lot.😊