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Quick Point(s)

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Lvl. 27

Native language Quality Point(s)

English (US) Near fluent
10 Pts
Hebrew Fluent
900 Pts
Top 1.01%
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Native languages

  • English (US) Near fluent
  • Hebrew Fluent

Languages of interest

  • French (France)
  • Simplified Chinese (China)
  • Arabic
  • Persian
  • Welsh

Country or region they know well


Countries and regions of interest

  • France
  • China


אני טל ואני לומד צרפתית, פרסית, סינית, ערבית וולש.

My name is Tal and I am learning French, Persian, Chinese, Arabic and Welsh.

Je m’appelle Tal et j’apprends le français, le chinois, l’arabe, le farsi et le gallois.


.اسمي تال وانا اتعلم اللغة الفرنسية, اللغة الصينية, اللغة العربية, اللغة الفارسية واللغة الويلزية