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  • Japanese Fluent

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  • English (UK)
  • Simplified Chinese (China)

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  • United Kingdom
  • China


I will sometimes open streams on Instagram,
Daily streaming on there.
I will talk to you on there or Clubhouse then(Actually it’s already no need of invitation to start to use).
Please contact me directly if you need,

I’m dissatisfied with the arbitrary and unreasonable attitude of management.
・Definitely no reason to ban on live streaming function
The original account cannot use the that function.
This is a past HelloTalk that is rival company…..Is it an incompetent operation similar to that?

Some users are doing anti-acts because they couldn’t get the first place in the ranking.
I won’t get closer anymore.
I wonder if the management that complies with it is that much management…

英語が苦手な日本人のための一冊 by 神崎正哉先生 

Let's have an international exchange together if you can use the live streaming function.