8 Nov 2018

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I translated my opinion into English as you can see below. Please correct it if there are some wrong or unnatural expressions.
I think the most important problem facing youg people should be the entrance exam of a university.The reason why I think so is that entering prestigious university will lead to high income in the future.

For example, when I was a high school student, I was woundering which university I should enroll at. Then my teacher said that the more difficult university I enter, the more famous company I can enroll at, so I should study very hard if I wanted to be a rich person in the future. To be sure, famous companies only emply students of famous universities. However, young people will not inclined to study hard because they have many things they want to do. For instance, I was fall in love with a girl classmate and wanted to play with her a lot. I wanted to go to cinema, amusement park and restaurant with her. Of course I also wanted to be rich in the future. So if I give priority to enter a prestigious university, I lose opportunity to play with her. That's why I think studying for college entrance exam is the biggest problem for young people.

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