13 Dec 2019

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Is it correct?
I always thought that the constellations look like our souls and the stars are parts of them - parts of essence: love, curiosity, fear or hatred.
Have you ever heard the legend of «...» constellation?
A long time ago 9 lights lit up in the night sky. You can see them even these days, if you look closely. You schould look really closely.
While you're able to see them, your world will sleep tight but remember that the universe still hears you.
Thoughts have power.
Someone saw two beautiful girls, reaching towards each other among the stars. He named them, gave them faces and the world heared about them. That’s how they were born on the clear night — two intentions, connected by the one constellation.
*1 voice* It's complicated. I understand nothing.
*2 voice* that's alright, all legends are complicated.
*1 voice* ahh, now I see what you mean
Their stars had no substance as yet, they were as frank as a day and ready to take own destiny at any moment.

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