14 Dec 2019

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I agree the opinion because very few teachers can correctly teach foreign languages. For example, about English, the teachers who I think have taught me really correct English are only three. Once I have learned from the teachers, I have known that what I was taught by other teachers were often incorrect. Then, if students who do not want to learn a foreign language need not to learn it, students who want to learn a foreign language will be more likely to be taught by a small number of good teachers. This has advantages for both students.


Today in Japanese high school, almost all the students are required to study at least one foreign language, and most schools teach English. However, some people are off the opinion that foreign languages no longer need to be a required subject because, when they grow up, only a relatively small number of students will need to use a foreign language in daily life. They suggest that the students who don’t want to learn a foreign language should be able to choose another subject they are more interested in, such as, for example, auto mechanics, computer programming or cooking.
What you think about this? State your opinion and give reasons to support it.
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