15 Dec 2019

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hey can you check this text it's really important for me

As an excessively active student it is a horrendous difficulty to narrow the activities I’m contributing to, to merely three. The one that must be mentioned undoubtedly is building up a local department of Fridays For Future (movement initiated by renowned climate activist Greta Thunberg). Being a member of FFF and having the sense of responsibility falling on my shoulders due to being bound to making various arrangements certainly helps me build a strong core in management and soft skills. On the whole I strongly believe that the issue we are fighting against is our ethical duty as youth. Besides the social actions I’m an avid student of mathematics, economics, languages and cognitive science. I have attended contests in all previously mentioned fields and I excelled in them. Opposed to acquiring new knowledge, in my spare time I do sports.In particular I found myself enjoying krav maga and running.

[News] Hey you! The one learning a language!

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