15 Dec 2019

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hey can you check this text it's really important for me

The English classes at my school are to be at the B1/B2 CEFR level which can be determined by the book we use which is “Password 2”. In spite of fine english teaching level at my school, my teacher and I agreed upon that I can indisputably follow a different coursebook which is “Language Practice for Advanced” (C1/C2 level). Preferably in a few months I would like to complete the FCE. I practice for this exam by learning from many textbooks and by immersing myself in the language e.g. by listening to news and podcasts in english and reading dominantly british journals. It’s also good to add that I attended bilingual middle school and some of the classes like mathematics or physics were taught partially in english. I didn’t score any points in Egzamin Gimnazjalny of English though because instead I did Spanish.

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