15 Dec 2019

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‎I couldn't hold myself from sharing a post I just saw. Here it is "I wonder how many of the Bible peeps were mentally disturbed. Like seriously, if even 1/2 of the accounts in the Bible are true, these people had some serious mental health issues. Hearing voices telling them to kill their kids, wandering through the desert for 40 years on a trip that should have taken a few days, people turning to salt, mass genocide of children in Egypt, mass genocide of entire cities, mass genocide in general....dude living in a whales gut, dude having sex with his kids and being blessed for it, snakes talking and deceiving 2 people who had perfect brains and perfect ability do reason and deduce ...shall I go on?"
_I genuenly believe in God in the Creator.
I'm 💯 % sure God has nothing to do with the so called Holy Scripture the Bible.Everything mentioned is the actual content of that book. Can anyone even answer? Why on Earth that nonsense has so many copies world wide? Why that nonsense was translated in most languages?

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