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13 Aug 2015

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Question about Japanese

こどのとき、たくさんアニメをみていました。日本語でアニメをわかるために日本語を習ってみたいと思いましたがとても難しいので降参でした。でも3年前に日本へ二週間に行きました。旅行の間にあまり日本語を分かることができません。それから日本人を話すために日本語を本当に勉強することが決めました。 Does this sound natural?

When I was a child, I watched a lot of anime. I thought I would try to learn Japanese so that I could understand Anime in Japanese but it was too hard so I stopped. Then three years ago I went to Japan for 2 weeks. During the trip, I could not understand much Japanese. Since then I have decided to truly study so that I can speak to Japanese people.
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