9 Jun 2020

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Question about English (US)

I don't hate English and like it, but my English class at school was so boring that I don't do well.
So my English may be lower than the middle class level.
I want to be better at English, but I haven't found the right way to learn it yet.

I like to listen to somebody talk so whenever I have time to study Korean, I listen to podcasts or audio books or listen to free lectures on YouTube.

But in the case of studying English, I'm not good enough, so it's hard to understand what saying.

I wish I could understand it well, but there is a big difference between listening and reading .

I am taking English classes in Korean because it is hard to only take English these days.

How do you study language?
I'm curious about that.

If you can hardly understand the contents of a drama or movie, what should you do first?

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