15 Aug 2020

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Correct this please
. However, I've learned that asking others doesn't mean you're not capable of solving problems on your own or relying on others. Moreover it means you're independent and know how to managage your time and energy in the most efficient way. There is a lot more fun things to do when starting a new chapter in Maastricht!
That's exactely why I'd love to be a buddy myself now. I've took the hard way and know how nerve racking it can be contending with such issues. I'd strive to make incoming students start at the university as easy and comfortable as possible. And this begins long before the first day at Uni, most questions arise before even moving to Maastricht.
What I can offer: I'm passionate about the lively city. Even though It might not be the biggest city it offers a huge array of activities and places to see. Being innately interested in different areas such as culture, art, sport and food I'm sure I can give new students a lot of information and guidance in this matters.

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