12 Mar 2021

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Question about English (US)

I have to go
I had to go

She makes him cry
She made him cry

As we can see in sentences above, each of those short sentences has 2 verbs, but when we change the sentences into Past tense or any other tenses, only the FIRST VERB in a sentence that is changed.

You wouldn't say
I had to went
She made me cried

My question is, with MODAL Verbs, do we do the same?
Some of English teachers said, the second of below sentence is the correct one


I read some articles (i have included the picture here), that use the first sentence instead

I thought I 'will' go somewhere, but I was so flat out that day and decided not to go
I thought I 'would ' go somewhere

Can you please help me

Can I say " I thought I will go somewhere..."

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