19 June

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One day, I was walking on the street under the heat of the day, seeing a group of people lining up. Approaching and looking carefully, I saw that it was a donut shop. The shop had won an award in a magazine. It was famed for its peculiar chocolate flavor. Despite the high price, it still attracted guests across Taiwan. Initially, since there were many people, I abandoned and left. On thinking of the mouth-watering donut, I returned to line up. At 8 o’clock, the clerk started to release numbers. Only the first to the fiftieth was able to buy the donut. Unfortunately, I was the fifty-first. What came through disappointment was my emotion. Abruptly, the man in front of me made a hint. He said that something came up and needed to leave. Then he gave me the number and I bought the donut successfully. What a lucky day! Does this sound natural?

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