20 October

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Question about English (US)

Hi natives:

Could you please proofread the following sentences 1-13 and answer no.14?

1. I have art class/ an art class today.
2. Q: Can we have some juice or wine? A1: Yes, you can. A2: You can have juice.
3. Q: What are you going to do during the double ten holidays? A: I don’t have any plans.
4. He likes animals and painting/paintings.
5. Every time I think of those things, I (will) laugh.
6. Walk in/on the street
7. How long is this tunnel?
8. It’s funny for him to wear these clothes.
9. Planning is easier than actually doing.
10. He's not very friendly to/towards/toward me.
11. Am I too selfish by not letting her go?
12. The king started to try to be considerate towards his people.
13. She is really pessimistic about her life.
14. Does “in the street” from the sentence “It’s dangerous to walk in the street.” mean “in the middle of the street”?

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