24 October

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What did the news anchors say in the news?

at about 1:25 in the video:

「You're looking at about $6,000
for the top of the line, 16-inch.
???But it’ll??❓? do the work of ???van??❓?….
you know, any four laptops you have
that you might have. 」

at about 2:23 in the video,

「You'd have to be out of your mind.
Yes, ???I was just gonna say???❓
does this thing get delivered
with like a margarita and like a massage?
???or something??❓?」

at about 3:44

「They found a new price point.
They've got some capabilities,
they're water resistant,
which is really nice.
If you need them, they're great.
If you don’t, ???EH??? ❓
Not so big, not, not such a big deal.」

at about 3:52

「They definitely are worth it.
Um, and they are a little cheaper,
and they have some great capabilities.
They also put out the new HomePod Mini ❓??? slug???
That changed the colors a little bit
so that you can get some colors
and they have a new music tier,
that's an interesting music tier for 4.99 a month.
But look, the third generation AirPods,
Some you should look ??❓?into???,
if you need new ones,
I wouldn't run out and buy them
just cuz you need, you know,
you like the idea of having new AirPods.
If you don't need new AirPods. 」

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