28 Nov 2021

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could you please correct all mistakes? 1) Do you have a TV set? - No. - And a Fridge? - Yes, I have one.

2)Must I give you an answer now? - No, you needn't/mustn't(????), you can do it tomorrow.

3)You can clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner. That's/it's(???) very easy.

4)I like the furniture in your flat, only you should buy a new carpet for the dining-room.

5)I live in a new building. Our flat has all modern conveniences: electricity, gas, running-water, central heating, a rubbish chute and a telephone.

6)May I speak to the teacher? - Do, please.

7)Could you call me up? - No, I don't have a phone.

8)What's your sister's husband? - He's a doctor.

9)Who has your brother married? - He's married my friend.
Who is your brother married to? - He's married to my friend.

10) I've got some spare time. I can go to the ice ring.

11)What time is it? - It's half past five. - Your watch must be fast. It's only quarter past five.

12) Is there some milk on the table? - Yes, there is some.

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  • English (US)

  • English (US)
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  • English (US)
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