30 Nov 2021

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Question about English (US)

Could you please help with my Sentences??🌼🌼
I want to know the most natural and casual way to say these!!
Please help me!!

1.The last day of November. Man... soon I’ll be 25.

2.I want to eat the goldfish cream bread. Should I eat or not? maybe later I'll eat

3.I couldn’t end up reportting my mistakes to my boss. In my defense, she looked especially busy today but I know I am such a loser.

4.It would sound pervert but I kind a like Dongju's cologne smell. when he’s around me, I can tell his smell.

5.This morning on my way to work, it was raining pretty heavily I saw an old man who was passing by me without an umbrella. So in my mind, I was like "why are you letting yourself get wet?"

6.Finally It’s December. it’s been a really long and short year.

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