6 Dec 2021

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Hello. Guys, help me with this dialog. Correct the mistakes, please. 🙏🏻

- Are you okay? That bastard didn't do anything to you, did he?
- He fed me some pills…
- Damn it, pills? We’re going to the emergency room right now.
- Jake.
- Why are you here? / Why did you come here? (Is there any difference between them?)
- Because you might/could be in danger…
- But we broke up.
- Is it that important?!
- It doesn’t matter whether we broke up or not. If you’re in danger, how can I pretend not to know? (I hate this sentence haha)
- What’s the matter?
- It’s the pills…
- That's enough. Let’s go to the hospital.
- This is unnecessary.
- Stop being stubborn…

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