8 Dec 2021

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There is a little essay, I would be happy if you correct my sentences's construct or my using of adverbs and adjectives

Recently I watched “The bucket list” and it made me think how I want to live my own life. This film asks us the question “What do you need to be happy in your life?” Therefore, I would try to answer this question to myself. I guess any of us would say that only money (can or could) make you happy. However, I disagree with it. I really sure excess of money with lack of people would make you only miserable. And it is understandable we all are human being. We are social creatures whose one of the biggest need — the need to communicate. Someone will argue with me, in such a technical world, in our time, when you don’t even need to get up from the bed to communicate with people from another country or another continent. There are discord, Instagram, Facebook, you can find friends wherever you like. Moreover, I thought as well (similar?). However, this film brought to my attention that you need people you can trust. It can be family your colleagues, friends someone with whose u could share not only joy, but the sadness too. Someone you will do crazy things with. Someone who understand. Someone who you can trust. So, if someone ask me how I want to live for, I would answer: I want to live for a long time, live without lack of money and live with knowing someone is need me.

Pls tell me if used some wrong adjectives, or if didn't construct sentences correctly
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