9 Dec 2021

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Question about English (US)

How do you say this in English (US)? How can I say 'funny' safer ?

As far as I know, 'funny' is generally good, but sometimes could be interpreted as 'weird'.

For example, there was a news that people took more care about their home furniture and even changed them after Home working became popular due to pandemic.
I said to someone " It is funny ", and I could see his face get stiff. ( He had changed something in his room )

I didn't mean any harm, but it was unexpected news so I smiled at that.
So, which one is your best recommendation ?

interesting ? ( I guess, safer but a bit different )
amazing ?
pleasant ?
amusing ? ( also sounds awkward for this case, I think )
entertaining ?

Or just shut up and be prudent ?

And how many percentage of 'funny' is not safe roughly ?

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