8 Apr 2017

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To work or to study further?
The future is very important and available.So,should we go to a university or not?
There are two points of this.Some people think that we can find a job after middle school .It’s usefulness to go to the university. Some people think we should go to a university so that we can develop better in the future.
In my opinion,we should go to a university after we go off the middle school.First of all ,we are so young while we graduate from our school.We can’t decide what we should do or not do.We probably make the false decide.Secondly,we have too much knowledge to learn.We know less about our life and ourselves.Thirdly, it’s worth for our future life to acquaintance with people in the university.
So,I think it’s very important and useful to go to a university nowadays.

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