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1 Dec 2022

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What does have an edge to her mean?

When I was reading a book, I met the expression of which I couldn't understand the meaning. Could you help me?
It is an interview book about mystery.
In the book, an interviewee is talking about her favorite mysteries.

‘Those early books I read of hers I felt were like a friend coming to visit. They were warm-hearted but never soft. Sue had an edge to her.’
(Sue is the author of the mystery.)
What does ‘have an edge to her’ mean?
The interviewee uses this phrase when she was talking about one of the characters in the mystery.

‘She would type the clues out on her index cards. I just found that very appealing, that she was a very organised investigator. She had an edge to her.’
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What does have an edge to her mean?
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