6 Jan 2015

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Question about English (US)

Can you explain the parts [(number) ... ]?

Howard: So, what do you say, you wanna repair to Castle Wolowitz?
Christie: What is that, like a Mexican deli?
Howard: I'm sorry, I should have mentioned this earlier, my last name is Wolowitz.
Christie: Oh, that's so cool. My first Jew!
Sheldon: [(1) I imagine there aren't many kosher corn-huskers.]
Christie: But you're still taking me shopping, right?
Howard: Anything you want.
Christie: Okay, I'll go pack my stuff.
Howard: When they perfect human cloning [(2) I'm going to order twelve of those.]
Leonard: Howard, can't you see she's using you?
Howard: Who cares, last night she pulled off her blouse and I wept!
Penny: Look, Howard, I know her, okay, she'll have sex with anyone as long as they keep buying her things.
Howard: Really?
Penny: Yeah.
Howard: Yay! If you'll excuse me, I have some Bar-Mizvah bonds to cash.

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