2 Apr 2016

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What does we failed as fosters mean?

Why does she say "we failed as fosters" in the first paragraph?

Tom and Jerry lucked out when they got prize tickets out of the local shelter and into foster care at the ASPCA’s Washington, D.C, office in September 2013. We failed as fosters when I adopted them a month or so later.

Tom and Jerry’s past is largely a mystery, but weighing in at nearly three pounds each, we suspect they weren’t starved. Even with their spacious cage and copious amounts of exercise, they remain happily plump.

The boys are endlessly adorable and entertaining, but they also play a critical role in advancing ASPCA’s mission through advocacy. As little pigs, they recognize the plight of big pigs and have staged rallies in support of New Jersey legislation to ban gestation crates. They’ve even participated in a Capitol Hill briefing in support of federal legislation to ban cosmetic animal testing.
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