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22 Sep 2017

Question about Hindi

If he ________ one minute later, he ________ the train

A would arrive, would miss
B arrived, would have missed
C would have arrived, would have missed.
D had arrived, would have missed


Where ________ he work?

A is
B do
C don't
D does

Whose bag is this? It's ________

A the mine
B of me
C my
D mine

By next month I ________ all my exams, and I can relax!

A will finish
B will have been finishing
C will be finishing
D will have finished

That smells good! What ________

A are you cooking?
B do you cook?
C are you cook?
D do you cooking?

I've already called her four times ________

A before
B today
C again
D yesterday

He drives quite ________, but his brother drives really ________

A slowly, fast
B slowly, fastly
C slow, fast
D slow, fastly

She's from ________, so she speaks ________

A Spain, Spanish
B Spanish, Spain
C Spanish, Spanish
D Spain, Spainese

The film ________ by Quentin Tarantino

A was directed
B directed
C was direct
D did directed

I wouldn't say that to him if I ________ you

A would be
B were
C am
D was

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