8 Oct 2017

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Could you correct my job application in English?

(What did you put your strongest effort into during your school days? And what did you achieve as a result)

It is to establish a new lesson plan as the volunteer activity while studying in the USA. The activity content was to be dispatched from NPO to elementary school twice a week and was to do food class. I wanted to make use of opportunities to interact with local elementary school students and planned a lesson to make salads. However, the senior staff encouraged the lecture class on account of the safety and expense. In order to persuade the senior staff, I thought that three steps "appealing the strength of my feeling" "appealing effective problem solving method" "appealing the merit of senior staff" are necessary. First, I analyzed the issues of safety and cost, divided them into four patterns, and I thought about an effective solution for each. Furthermore, in order to investigate the effect of the solutions, 【I repeated the simulated lesson seven times. 】 By showing a memo of this simulated class, I got the senior staff to express my feelings of strength and the problem solving method successfully. Finally, as a benefit to seniors, I made a lesson plan and shared it with everyone. Thanks to this, even after I returned to Japan, class know-how will remain in the organization. As a result, I realized that the lesson was realized and I was able to take over the lesson.

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