28 May 2018

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Could you help me with this text? I know it's a little long, but you would do me a great favor. I would like to know if it sounds natural:

"Mahara as a social network and ePortfolio in Initial Teacher Training. A case study"

"The main goal of this research is to analyze the influence exerted by the social network and ePortfolio Mahara in the development of competences of teachers in training. In recent years, social networks have increased their influence in different areas of daily life, which has meant as many benefits as challenges to face. The classrooms, already occupied by digital natives, show the need for a tool that allows to transfer the functionalities that attract us so much from social networks (comfortable interactivity, sociability, ease to create privacy spaces, personalization and access to unlimited information) to the academic field. The Mahara tool seems to favor this development of the critical, reflective and fostering spirit of the cooperative culture that is articulated from the curriculum, integrating the academic and the social. For this research, a qualitative analysis of two focus groups composed of a total of eight students of Early Childhood Education of different promotions has been carried out. The analysis of the different conversations, focused on the use of Mahara during his training as teachers, gave rise to three emerging categories that allow us to better understand the potentialities and challenges of the tool. With this study we intend to identify new learning and evaluation strategies in the university that incorporate digital competence through the analysis of what could be considered as a good teaching practice."

Thank you very much!!!

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